• Volunteers

    A volunteer is an individual who performs hours of service for a public agency for civic, charitable or humanitarian reasons without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation for services rendered.

    Volunteers are an important part of the educational team. The suggestions and opinions of volunteers are always welcome. It is the professional staff, however, that is held responsible by law for decisions that are made regarding the instruction of students and the management of the school. For this reason, volunteers always work under the direct supervision of teachers and administrators.

    Every Volunteer Must Register

    Every volunteer in the Tolleson Elementary School District must complete a Volunteer Online Application Form.  This can be accessed at the Job Postings link.

    All volunteers must be approved before showing up at the school site to volunteer.

    It is imperative that each volunteer understands their responsibilities and limitations. Volunteers must be aware of and agree to abide by all district volunteer policies and regulations.

    Every volunteer must sign in and out at the school office each time he/she comes on campus to volunteer. The district must have a record showing the days and hours each volunteer works. For security reasons and in case of an emergency, it is important for administrators to know who is on campus and why.

    For any questions, please contact Isabel Del Toro @ 623-533-3900.