Emergency Notification System

  • The Tolleson Elementary School District has an automated alert and notification service to help keep parents informed. This service is called the InTouch Notification System and enables the District to communicate with parents about emergency situations and important issues impacting your child. The system allows us to send personalized voice messages to your family’s home, work or cell phones.  

    It is very important to keep your phone information updated with your child(ren)’s school so that you will receive these calls. When calls are made using the notification system, please note the following message delivery notes:

    • When a call comes from the automated notification system, the caller ID will display a District phone number (623-907-5270).
    • All emergency notification calls will come from the District Office. When a call comes from the system, please do not hang up and call the number on the caller ID; it’s important to listen to the message first as detailed information will be given through the automated system. It is difficult for the District to answer individual calls from thousands of parents if you hang up before the message is delivered. We will always communicate the final outcome of any emergency situation.
    • If you missed a phone call, please listen to your voicemail or answering machine for messages.

    To ensure that you are notified if there is an emergency at your child's school, the District needs current and accurate mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of the primary contact person. Please be sure to keep this information updated with your child(ren)’s school. Also, if you move or change phone numbers, please notify the school and provide accurate contact information immediately.