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  • As defined in 1972 by Sidney Marland, U.S. commissioner of education, "Gifted and talented children are those who by virtue of outstanding abilities are capable of high performance. These are children who require differentiated educational programs and or services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to realize their contribution of self and society." The gifted education curriculum and service delivery model are being updated this year.

    Who is Eligible?

    Identification criteria consists of a referral by a teacher, a parent, or self. The evaluation process consists of a review of the state mandated assessments, teacher rating scale, the Cognitive Ability Test, and Ravens (non-verbal assessment). The criteria for eligibility on standardized assessments are scores at or above the 95th percentile. If a student is ineligible, a referral may be made after one (1) year.

    Program Services

    Students in grades K-8 that are eligible for this program receive differentiated instruction in the regular classroom. Gifted cluster groups are formed and a gifted cluster teacher provides challenging materials for identified students in the cluster. The Gifted Specialist works with the gifted cluster teachers to provide opportunities, special presentations, and academically rigorous curriculum for the gifted students.

    Gifted Program Exit Criteria

    A student may exit the gifted program at the request of the parent or guardian.

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