• Welcome to Tolleson Elementary School District!

    Academics are our reason for being, and with all the necessary support services in place our students are ready to learn.  Our unrelenting focus on relevant, rigorous and data-driven instruction led by some of the best teachers across Arizona, ensures your children are learning and achieving at their best!

    We work hard to offer the support services children need today to be ready to learn and feel safe socially, emotionally and physically in our schools. You can rest assured we are totally focused on your child’s happiness and safety.  They are important to us because when the fundamentals needs are in place, children are ready and able to learn!  And, we are here to ensure they learn to their fullest potential. 

    Here are some of the programs we offer:

    We are a KIDS AT HOPE school district with national models, and Tolleson is also a KIDS AT HOPE city. We are looking for the best in every child! 

    • We focus on believing in all children without exception.  All of our schools implement positive systems of support for all of our students. 
    • We have counselors, nurses, peer mediation, teen-life supports, and a district-wide social worker. 
    • PLAYWORKS is implemented on all of our campuses to ensure your child is fully engaged and supported across our campuses on our playgrounds. 
    • We offer free and reduced price school meals for breakfast, lunch and supper that children truly love to eat! 
    • Student uniforms are worn on all of our campuses, and we have donated uniforms at our Welcome Center to help as needed. 
    • We provide support for students and parents regarding suicide prevention and use Teen Life Line. 
    • Our schools and students are trained in peer mediation and bullying prevention because we know this is a topic of concern. And our students participate in Stand Up. Speak Up. Save a Life. 
    • Our goal is to PREVENT social emotional challenges that impact today’s youth, and we are beginning to implement RESTORATIVE JUSTICE to remedy and correct situations rather than rely on punitive measures of discipline. 
    • And, to ensure a successful transition to high school our 7th and 8th grade students are involved in Jobs for Arizona Graduates (JAG).

    Please call our WELCOME CENTER at 623-533-3980 for information and to enroll.  

    Each of our four schools has a slightly different program line-up but all are unrelentingly focused on ensuring rigorous academics and the necessary support services are in place to engage all of our students so they may achieve to their fullest potential. 

    We can’t wait to meet you and engage your children in one of the four gems in Tolleson Elementary School District!