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  • Tolleson Elementary Schools District’s health services department is dedicated to caring for children.
    Our talented network of health professionals keep our students healthy and ready to learn. From taking care of students' basic health needs to recommending clinics and resources to benefit the entire families, our nurses and health assistants make a difference every day.

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  • Immunization Requirements- Is my child up to date?

    If your child is entering preschool or KG-8th grade, the following are required:
    Students 10 years and older and entering the 6th grade will be required to have one dose of Tdap if 5 years have passed since their last tetanus/diphtheria vaccine and the Meningococcal vaccine. See requirements below.

    DTP, DT, DTaP or Td
    4 or 5 doses if the 4th or 5th was given after the 4th birthday. Otherwise, 6 doses at appropriate intervals are required.
    Students 10 years and older entering the 6th grade will need 1 dose of Tdap if 5 yrs. have past since their last tetanus/diphtheria vaccine.
    Polio (OPV or IPV)
    3 to 5 doses are required depending on age. Consult your immunization provider.
    2 doses must be completed before school begins. The first dose must be given on or after the first birthday. One dose required for preschool.
    Hepatitis B
    3 doses must be completed before school begins. Dose 1 and 2 are to be given one month apart, dose 3, two to five months later.
    All students will need the chickenpox (Varicella).
    Meningitis (Meningococcal) Vaccine
    Students 10 years and older and entering the 6th grade- will need 1 dose of Meningococcal vaccine.

     **Preschoolers enrolled in district programs must also have their Hepatitis A series of 2 shots, 4 to 6 months apart.

     Arizona Guide to Immunizations

    Maricopa County Immunization Clinic: West Valley
    1850 N. 95th Ave Suite #184 Phoenix, AZ 85037           
    Phone:  602-506-588
    Monday-Friday    8am–4:30pm
    Closed for lunch: 12pm-1pm



  • Meet Our Health Professionals

    Diana Morales BSN RN
    Arizona Desert Elementary

    Brittany Corona LNA
    Desert Oasis Elementary 

    Eva Gomez LPN
    Maria Medina BSN RN
    Porfirio H. Gonzales Elementary

    Shelly Bertram RN
    Sheely Farms Elementary


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