• Vendor Registration


    TESD utilizes AZ Purchasing to maintain our prospective vendor database. You may complete an online Vendor Registration Application at AZ Purchasing. There is no cost to the vendor to register. You will be able to use your own computer or computers at any public library.

    AZ Purchasing is a website dedicated to Arizona school districts for the purposes of developing a central and statewide prospective bidder’s list, posting solicitations and requests for quotations online, and to more effectively disseminate solicitation information to the vendor and educational buyer communities. The mission of Arizona Purchasing is to provide Arizona school districts with web based tools to more efficiently manage prospective bidders and solicitations whereby providing effective communication to the vendor community.

    *Note: if you have previously registered at AZ Purchasing, you need only confirm that you have indicated Maricopa County as one of your counties of preference.

    Once you are registered, you will receive email notification of formal solicitations for the commodities or services your business provides.

    Open Solicitations

    Information about formal solicitations that are currently available for bid or offer is available at AZ Purchasing. Instructions for submitting a bid/offer is outlined in the solicitation. TESD currently does not have the ability to accept electronic responses. All bids/offers must be submitted in paper format prior to the due date and time outlined in the solicitation.