• Kids at Hope

    We are proud to be a “Kids at Hope” district. Kids at Hope is committed to create generations of adults and institutions who adopt a research and evidence based protocol and strategic, cultural framework based on three leading principles and practices:

    • We Believe


    We believe Children succeed when they are surrounded by adults who believe they can succeed.

    We believe all students are capable of success...no exceptions!

    • We Connect


    Children succeed when they have meaningful sustainable relationships with caring adults.

    We ensure that each student at hope has a meaningful relationship with at least one Treasure Hunter on campus. Treasure Hunter’s provide the following:

    • Meet with students regularly to discuss The Four Destinations.
    • Ensure that a positive adult role model is actively engaging with the student.
    • Provides a caring adult to talk to about anything.
    • We Time Travel


    Kids succeed when they can articulate their future. We teach children to mentally time travel to their future and create a plan to make their vision a realit


    We are always searching for all the talents, skills and intelligence that exist in all children.