Student Meal Options

  • What's for Lunch

     Our Cafes serves breakfast, lunch and Supper daily. Breakfast is free for all students and lunch is $1.65. Supper is open at no pricing for anyone under 18.  We issue a lunch account to every student, and we encourage parents to prepay for their child's meal. You may add any dollar amount  to your child's meal account at any time online at My School Bucks. You, as a parent, have the right to cancel your child's lunch account by submitting a written request to the Food Service Director Laura Alvarez. We discourage charging your child's lunch; however, students may do so in case of an emergency. We will not allow a student to have more than five unpaid charges on his/her account. After the 5th charged meal, a student will receive an alternative meal consisting of a cheese sandwich, fruit and or vegetable, and milk until the negative balance is paid. We will notify parents of any unpaid meal accounts. It is the parents' responsibility to make sure their child's meal account is paid in full. We encourage you to apply for free or reduced meals anytime during the school year. Applications are available at any school office ,cafeteria and online Free and Reduce Lunch Application.

  • Prices

    Breakfast $0.00
    Lunch $1.65

    Supper $0.00

    Adult Breakfast $1.50 

    Adult Lunch $2.75

    Adult Supper $2.75