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Meet our Treasure Hunters

  • If you ever need to speak to one of our teachers or staff, feel free to send an email or give them a call. If you call during school hours, you can leave a message on the teacher's voice mail and they will give you a call back as soon as they can.

    Preschool/Childcare   Kindergarten  
    Ariana Gonzales Preschool   Hillary Gould  
    Tanya Elias Childcare   Delphina Jones  
        Deborah Porchas  
        Melissa Lanz  
    First Grade   Second Grade  
    Mayra Felix   Matti Dwyer  
    Angelica Martines   Julie Legg  
    Victoria Sanchez   Myna Medina  
    Judy Rivas      
    Third Grade   Fourth Grade  
    Jessica Campbell   Jose Garcia-Math  
    Erica Hoversten   Norma Garcia Lindsay Haberern- Language Arts  
    ASU Team   Karla Key Campillanos - Science SS  
    Fifth Grade   Sixth Grade  
    Norma Barrios-Math   Tammy Brewer- Science Writing  
    Robert Dowdy-Science SS   Monica Shepard-Math  
    Aja Williamson- Language Arts   Andrew Weete- Reading SS  
    Seventh and Eighth Grade   Seventh and Eighth Grade  
    Elizabeth Cowles-Language Arts   Sarah Asplin LaPoint-Language Arts SS  
    Alexis Quezada-Math   Lee Sam-Science  
    Kristen McClenny- Science SS   Lucy Quezada-Language Arts SS  
        Leone Kelley-Math  

    Instructional Specialists      
    Megan Coulter Instructional Coach      
    April Kring Reading Interventionist      
    Dr. Robin Inskeep STEM Coach        
    Tammie Andrews New Teacher Mentor      
    Special Services Special Area      
    Delphina Jones,  K-1 Special Education      
    Carena Pacheco,  2-3 Special Education      
    Takami Frank, 4-8 Special Education      
    Jeremy Martines, 6-8 Special Education      
    Lauria Marsh, K-8 Special Education      
    Brittney Zavala , K-3 Special Education Resource      
    Aisha Brooks Austin, 3-6 Special Education Resource      
    Sheila Bower, 7-8 Special Education Resource      
    Rachel Segovia,  Counselor      
    Hector Munoz,  Counselor      
    Dr. Desiree Kennedy, Gifted Teacher      
    Dr. Jennifer Kendall,  Psychologist      
    Chelsi Cook, Speech      
    Amanda Bigar,  Speech      
    Efrain Casillas- Band      
    Kathy Grill -Technology/STEM/Robotics      
    Wendy Norton -PE      
    Mimma Krowkowski- PE      
    Lina Munoz- Librarian      
    Diane Stevens- Art