Desert Oasis Tigers

Meet our Treasure Hunters

  • Every member of the Desert Oasis staff treats our students with care and respect. We focus on inspiring students as we help them achieve academic and personal excellence. Desert Oasis Elementary features some of the best teachers, staff, and volunteers in the state of Arizona. We think you'll agree that good communication between school and home improves the overall education and development of our students. We invite you to get to know the Desert Oasis teachers and support staff. To reach one of our staff members, call (623) 533-3901 and enter the extension. Calls to classroom teachers will go to voice mail during the instructional day to minimize interruptions.


    Kindergarten                                                          Preschool


    Socorro Acosta   Audra Damron   
    Consuela Carranza      
    Christina Peoples       
    First  Grade                                                                                Second Grade  
    Bridgette Booth   Halezka Mullenbach  
    Sjanna Esposo   Julia Barkey  
    Charlotte Zapanta      
    Third Grade   Fourth Grade  
    Joni Clowes   Minerva Castillo  
    Delores Floyd   Jessica Frink  
    Tim Ferrara   Geraldine Rodriguez  
    Fifth Grade   Sixth Grade  
    Leida Abaja   Eddie Escobar  
    Karen Weidlein   Aaron Jackisch  
    Aleksandra West-Taylor   Elaine Torres  
        Seventh and Eighth Grade  
        Maria Alcaraz- Math  
        John Clark- Language Arts  
        Allison Diaz- Social Studies  
        Diana Kauffman- Language Arts  
        Cassandra Tejada-Science SS  
        Juliet Lugo- Science SS  
        Daisy Morales- Math  



    Special Area Staff     Support Staff  
    Efrain Casillas- Band     Anna Christina Celaya-Instructional Coach  
    Brady Hazen-Physsical Education     Jamie Robarge- STEM Coach  
    Mandy Fierro-STEM     Alana Kopp- JAG/Counselor  
    Arlette Terlisner-Library     Roseanne Gonzales-Interventionist  
    Special Education        
    Gabrielle Bittner 6-8        
    Cynthia Cruz- K-5        
    Doug Avery-Speech/Language