Special Education

Special Education (SPED) refers to instruction specially designed to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability. It is individualized instruction, not a place. We provide special education services at no cost to families.

How Is Eligibility Determined?

Students are eligible for SPED services following a comprehensive evaluation and agreement of the multidisciplinary evaluation team (MET) that a child meets the eligibility criteria.

What Areas Does Special Education Cover?
Who Provides Services to Students?
What is Our Special Education Curriculum?
What is the SLIEP Process?
What Are the Exit Criteria?

Transitioning to High School for Students With an IEP

Transitioning to high school can be a scary time for any student, and for those with an IEP, it can feel very overwhelming. We’re here to help make this change as easy as possible for our students with IEPs and their families. Please watch our orientation video, where we’ll walk you through what to expect.

We're Here for You

Please complete our online form so we can respond to your needs. We want you and your child to feel prepared and ready. We will respond to you either in writing or schedule time to meet with you. 

High School Contacts

Andrew Meana
Department Chair - Tolleson Union High School

Janeen Nichols
Department Chair - West Point High School