why Choose Tolleson ESD?

We believe in all children—without exception. With an unrelenting focus on relevant, rigorous, and data-driven instruction, your child will have access to a first-class education delivered by experienced and caring teachers.

    Support Services and Programs

    We recognize that education is about more than simply academics. We have developed support services and programs focused on the happiness and safety of our students because we want every child to be ready to learn and feel safe socially, emotionally, and physically in our schools. When these fundamental needs are met, children can learn to their fullest potential.

    We’re pleased to support our students and their families as follows:

    • Academically
      • Free full-day kindergarten
      • Strong focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) and academic competitions
      • Physical education, art, and technology classes (including basic coding)
    • Activities
      • Free after-school programs
      • Jazz, mariachi, concert, and marching band options for middle school students
      • Sports
    • Health & Safety
      • Uniforms to promote a safe and orderly environment
      • Nutritional meals, including free breakfast in the classroom for every student and an after-school supper program
      • Student and staff wellness programs
      • Counselors, nurses, peer mediation, teen-life support, and a district-wide social worker
    • Emotional Support
      • Restorative Justice program to remedy and correct situations rather than rely on punitive measures of discipline
      • Suicide prevention and Teen Life line
      • Peer mediation and bullying prevention
      • Students participate in Speak Up. Stand Up. Save a Life.

    We Believe

    Hope frames our entire school culture and is woven into our very DNA. We believe children succeed when they are surrounded by adults who believe they can succeed.

      We Connect

      Children succeed when they have meaningful, sustainable relationships with caring adults. We ensure that every student has a meaningful relationship with at least one Treasure Hunter on campus.

        We Are Treasure Hunters

        We are always searching for all the talents, skills, and intelligence that exist in all children.

          Visualize Their Future

          Kids succeed when they can articulate their future. We teach children to visualize their future and create a plan to make that vision a reality.


          Our students, educators, and administrators have given us a legacy of greatness. We’re so proud of our people and grateful for their tireless efforts on behalf of the families at Tolleson ESD.

          Awards by Year