Strategic Plan

At Tolleson ESD, we are always looking towards our future. Our strategic plan is how we bring that future to life. Through visioning, developing a mission, examining core values, and setting achievable goals, we are always moving forward and making improvements to benefit our students.

Strategic Plan: Our Five-Year Vision for Success

Tolleson Elementary School District is committed to equity in education. We set high expectations for all and develop partnerships with families and the community to ensure every child achieves their potential and accomplishes their dreams for the future.

Pillar 1: Holistic Student Success
Prepare students to engage fully in education so they advance at each level with opportunities to accomplish success and elevated chances in life.
Pillar 2: Enhanced Employee Experience
Provide a supportive work environment so that every employee can perform at the highest level with the opportunities to grow and advance personally and professionally.
Pillar 3: Engaged Parents and Families
Continue to work closely with parents and caregivers to elevate the chances of student engagement, achievement, and overall life skills.
Pillar 4: Sustainable Community Engagement and Partnerships
Sustain the intentional culture of the district way so that relationships and community stakeholders are meaningful, nourished, and expanded over time.

Priority Goals for 2023–2024


Ensure instruction, curriculum, and assessment are relevant and rigorous to promote academic and life success for students.


Foster the social-emotional learning, character development, and mental health of all students.


Recruit, develop, maintain and support diverse, high-quality, high-performing staff committed to the district's mission and to the field of education.


Intentionally engage parents and caregivers in all aspects of teaching and learning.